Ox is type of male animal of a domesticated breed of female. Farmers are petting them to keep for produce milk or beef. Cows have four legs and a pair of horns. Their heights are between from 150-160cm, it is a normal height of cows.

What do they eat?

They are herbivores, it mean that they eat a diet of plants, fresh grass and cause. Domesticated oxen also eats fresh grasses as well as hay and grain supplements . Wild oxen, such as musk-oxen, stay in the Arctic tundra and eat origins, moss and lichens. National oxen get started working as early as four years old. They are castrated because steers are easier for teamsters to utilize than bulls. Wild musk-oxen dig through the snow with the hooves to reach food. They may have long, shaggy hair that is well-adapted to freezing temps. They are in packs of two or three number of to protect against baby wolves.

What is different between Oxen and Cattle

Oxen generally conclude being a number of the major specimens of cattle, but that’s not because of breed, but it just about all male of Cattle not picked for the training or breeding are killed for their meat just before full size of body. Continued training of oxen also helps build muscle mass and overall size; horns will continue to grow for the complete life of the oxen. A team of oxen thought to be among the major ever bred were Granger; these 1930s Maine oxen tipped the scales at a combined 4, 400.00 kilograms) when fully grown.